About This Website

Our Top 3 Reasons for Building VernonRocks.ca

  1. We really appreciate what we have around us here in Vernon and we are keen to share our enthusiasm and get more people out there doing stuff and having fun!
  2. We enjoy building websites, writing articles, taking pictures, editing videos, and teaming up with other fun-minded people. Vernon is our home and our playground. We are combining our passion for the Vernon outdoors with some work that we do in our “Real Jobs”.
  3. We like creating partnerships and focusing on the success of others. Sor far, it is working out pretty great. We’ll meet a pile of great folks during this adventure.

More Detailed Q&A

Q: What sort of content can be expected on VernonRocks.ca?

A: Anything outdoors around Vernon. Articles, photos, videos, etc.

Q: Do you plan to advertise to generate income?

A: No, however the people associated with each article are locals with careers. We’re teaming up to have some fun, share some ideas online, and meet others who may play a role in our lives. Each post may have one or more links to additional information about the people who are participating in this online community.

Q: Can I get involved?

A: Let’s chat! We’re favouring a format of something like “Let’s go to SOMEPLACE with THIS LOCAL PERSON to check things out.” Then we write an article, or shoot and edit a video.

Q: Can I suggest a destination?

A: Absolutely! Please reach out via our Contact Us page.

The Bottom Line

We are building and maintaining this online community because we are thrilled to live here in Vernon, because we can learn a pile of transferable skills from what we are doing online, and because we can use this platform to focus on the Success of Others.


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