Climbing in Cougar Canyon


If you’re looking for an outdoor climbing area near Vernon, Cougar Canyon located within Kalamalka Provincial Park has what you’re looking for! After a kilometre walk in from the parking lot at the end of Cosens Bay Road, you will see signs for the climbing areas down to the left. Walking up to the right will take you to the top rope anchors for the Creekside wall.

Follow this trail a bit further and it will take you to the lookout. From here you can take in the colours and vistas of Kalamalka Lake. This viewpoint makes this area not only a great place for climbers, it is also a beautiful hike for anyone looking to explore in Kal Park.

Some of the walls at Cougar Canyon can heat up in the day so we like to get out there early and enjoy climbing in the shade. It’s a good idea to hike and explore the area before you decide on a wall to climb, just to scope things out and see where the sun is at any particular time of the day.

Whether you rock climb or not, Cougar Canyon is a great area to get out and enjoy some of what Vernon has to offer!


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