Fat Biking at Silver Star Mountain Resort


With winter well upon us,  I found that I was really missing mountain biking so I decided to give fat biking a try up at Silver Star Mountain Resort.  Fat bikes are mountain bikes with big fat tires and modified frames (to support the bigger tires) which enables riders to get around on trails in the snow. Fat bikes were originally designed to race in the snow and for exploring the desert sands in the U.S.

Silver Star has included Fat Biking in their my1Pass so season’s pass holders can also try out something new! A season’s pass for just Fat Biking is pretty reasonable at $69 for Adults or $10 per day. If you don’t own a fat bike, check out the rental shop up at Silver Star for bikes and helmet rentals. After buying our season’s pass, we grabbed a trail map and planned out our first adventure.

We decided on the green rated “Bridal Path” and graduated up to the blue “Chakra”. Snow biking takes a bit of getting used to! It feels like biking in the sand, which can be a little unnerving and dicey! Remember to take it slow and watch out for ruts and softer snow at the sides of the trails…these can pull the bike out from under you and cause a crash (at least the snow is soft and fluffy).

Staying warm was a concern for me as I don’t like being cold and wet while outside. Who does? My outfit consisted of a few layers that I could shed if I got too warm:

  • Long underwear
  • Shell windbreaker pants
  • Warm wool socks
  • Winter biking boots (but warm winter boots would be fine)
  • Merino wool undershirt
  • Warm layer
  • Windbreaker shell on top
  • Windbreaker gloves

I highly recommend a neck warmer or buff that you can pull up over your face and a thin warm hat/liner for under your helmet.  Yes, you still have to wear a helmet! You also need to ensure your tire pressure is 8 psi or lower.  The resort does not want your bike causing damage to the trails as they can when the tires are too hard. They also do not allow biking when the temperature is above zero degrees Celsius—this just makes sense…imagine the damage the bikes would do.

Don’t let the snow keep you off the bike trails! Fat biking is an exciting way to stay active and fit in the winter and with 15 km of fat bike trails you can explore lots and challenge yourself every time.


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