Over the past few years, I have seen folks out on the lakes gliding along on their Stand Up Paddleboards, aka ‘SUP’. It looked like an amazing way to get out and be active on the hot summer days. I decided to finally give it a go, and am very happy that I did.

Renting Equipment

As I had no idea whether I would like the sport, I was not ready to go out and buy a board. There are several rental shops in Vernon to help a noob like me give it a try. Based on location and ease, we decided to head over to Kalamalka Lake and saw the team at KalaVida Surf Shop. Kevin and the crew were great to deal with. We got sized up with the right SUP, paddle, and PFD (personal floatation device). They spent some time explaining the different types of boards, practicing safety on the water, and a quick low down on the basic skills. Then we were off to the water.

You Don’t Have to be Hard Core

Paddle boarding is what you make it. Name your adventure. You can go out there and race along the shoreline to get an incredible workout, or you can take it slow and steady. Either way, you will still be working on your core muscles and stability, which is important in everything you do.

After we spent some time getting our balance figured out, we decided to try our hand at yoga. Don’t be fooled by those you see doing headstands or warrior pose effortlessly, it is not that easy! It was time for us to get wet and cool down anyway!

Get Out There!

If you haven’t tried out this sport, I would highly recommend giving it a go. This is a great way to spend a few hours on the weekend or during the evening. Take some time on your own enjoying the serenity, or grab a group of friends for a good laugh. Get out and have some fun in beautiful Vernon!



  1. Hubby Russ and I decided to ditch the power boat one Sunday and try our hand at paddle boarding..since our friend Michelle and her hubby run the Kalavista Paddle Board rental we headed to Kal Beach..it is a beautiful way to spend a few hours…after a few “incidents” we got pretty good at balancing on the boards…we are so blessed to have so many activities withing a few minutes from our home! Vernon does ROCK


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