Silver Star – Village to Summit on a Mountain Bike


Biking is great fun but can get somewhat repetitive if you’re not always pushing yourself to get better and stronger and try new things.

The New Mission

We were looking for a challenge this summer and always thought riding our mountain bikes from the Village of Silver Star to the Summit was an impossible goal, but worth a try.

Silver Star Mountain Resort had just introduced a new Enduro XC Mountain Bike Pass allowing people to ride the many cross country trails at the Star and enjoy two daily rides on the Comet chairlift in order to access the upper trails. This was great! If we ever got to the top of the mountain, we could ride down then catch the chair back up for another go.


The Ride Up

We started out by taking the Cross Mountain paved trail, hang a left and head up Cabin Trail, and ride all the way till it met up with Paradise trail. This is where we usually turned around and found a green run to come back down. (Challenger is a nice green run that will take you back to the Village).

This great cardio work out soon became a little too easy so we decided to try to get all the way up to the top of the Comet Chair!

I shifted my bike into low gear, tried to control my breathing and kept repeating my mantra….”It’s not a race, you’ll get there”


Beautiful wildflowers, sunny skies, peace and quiet. There’s really so much to take in when you take your time and let your mind wander as you pedal to the top.

We made it! What an accomplishment considering we always thought this was something only athletes could do.

Going Back Down

Once you get to the top of the hill, there are many choices to come down. Choose the nice easy Paradise trail, the green Challenger route or go for more roots and drops on the Blue runs.

One thing that was surprising to me was that many of the blue runs, despite having big table top jumps, can be ridden quite safely by anyone with a good suspension mountain bike. You don’t have to do any jumps! Just roll over them, or go around them. I’m too old for jumps…I like not being broken.


Remember to always challenge yourself, take your time and enjoy the scenery.  You will be surprised at where your body can take you!



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