With family coming in from out of town, I wanted to find something that we could do outside, get a bit of exercise, and experience something new. With a bit of research and discussion, we decided on the Kettle Valley Railway Trail based in Kelowna. We loaded up our bikes and were on our way.

Biking the Kettle Valley Railway Trail

The subtle grade of the old railroad bed makes for an easy ride for all abilities. If you don’t have a bike don’t let that stop you, as there are bike rentals available at both the Myra and Ruth Stations. You can also enjoy the trail on foot with a decent pair of shoes. The double wide path gives lots of room for both bikers and walkers to enjoy.

The Trestles

The most popular part of the trail is the 12 kilometer stretch between Myra and Ruth Stations. You will pass over 18 trestles and through two tunnels. As a result of the 2003 Kelowna fire, 12 of the 18 trestles have been rebuilt. Even now, you can still see evidence of the fire.

Peddle to Penticton

Myra Station is the common starting point for the trail. You can turn around after the 12 kilometer mark at Ruth Station, or you can choose to carry on for another 70 kilometers to the waterfront in Penticton. This journey is typically a there and back, so make sure you have enough gas in your tank to return to your car. If you decide to give the Penticton trip a try, it may be wise to have a vehicle waiting, as a 160-Kilometer rounder may be a little tough on the sit bones!

Make the Trip

If you haven’t been out to see the Kettle Valley Rail Trail, it really should be something you add to your list. The trestles, the tunnels, and the views are all sights that you should see at least once. So, get out grab your friends and family, grab your bike or your walking shoes, and enjoy some of what the Okanagan Valley has to offer!



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