Riding Fat Bikes at Silver Star (Summer)


Isn’t it a Winter Thing?

I’ve been seeing more of these recently. People on these giant looking bikes with super fat tires. I thought this was a winter thing. What gives?

We are told that Silver Star Mountain has some cool winter trails for these Fat Bikes and it sounds like something we need to check out this winter. Perhaps as a bit of winter fitness plan?

But It’s Summer…

It’s July and there is no snow. Plus, these few people that we have met on the trail (riding up the mountain no less) have been saying great things about riding these bikes right now.
We had to know more. Mike at Skyride Cycle graciously offered his personal bike to me, so I took it up to Silver Star for a bit of a ride both up and down the mountain – a couple of times!

The Ride

These bikes are a blast to ride! They climb very well, cover ground easily, and go down bumpy trails with ease. I’m guessing that we’ll be seeing these increasingly on the mountain, and throughout our local trails. They are great for beginners, and experienced riders will have a blast!

It’s Just a Totally Different Ride

What a great way to change things up! Hop on a Fat Bike and the whole trail changes. Better, perhaps. Different, absolutely. Up, down, and on the flats. I’m hooked, and looking forward to a bunch more riding before winter hits, then the new chapter begins!

Trying One Out

If you are like us and open to a new mountain biking option, or just a new sport for you to try out, chat with your bike shop about giving one a go. You may find a solid biking solution for this winter, and a fun new toy to take out periodically throughout the snow-free months.

Our Local Shops with Fat Bikes

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