VernonRocks Dictionary - Noob - Noun Informal 
A person who is inexperienced in a particular activity.

Say hello to my friend Deb. Deb isn’t exactly what you would call a “Daredevil” or “Adrenaline Junkie”. If you’re looking for some super cool custom jewelry, or an item crocheted to fit, she’s your girl. You may already be asking yourself “Why am I reading this?” or “Why is he writing a Mountain Bike Article about a Crochet Super Star?”. Hang on! Read on! I’ll get to the point post haste.

Who is Deb, and What’s her Pedalling Story

Deb isn’t a noob to the world of pedaling. We’ve ridden road bikes all over the Province of BC for charity rides, Sprint Triathlons, and sometimes just for the fun of getting out and spinning together. Deb knows road. Deb likes blacktop. Deb doesn’t like gravel or dirt.

When it was proposed that she drag her super shiny, 2-year-old never been dirty Mountain Bike up to Silver Star to try it out, her head started waving from right to left, left to right. Not going to happen. Through some constant friendly nagging by a small group dedicated to the personal stretching of Deb, we found her in the parking lot at Silver Star, gearing up, cursing under her breath, but open to the idea. So, we started out with some paved trails, and progressed to dirt when she was ready. What a gal!

Our Ride of Choice for Noobs

We spent two hours pedaling Green (Beginner) Trails, teaching Deb to stand on the pedals when needed, stay loose and look ahead to plan for what she was about to encounter. She did a great job.

We let her set the pace. She led us where she felt comfortable, and there was no need to dismount and walk up or down anything that was out of her comfort zone.

Why Should YOU Come to Silver Star?

The real beauty of Silver Star, whether it be for winter or summer fun, is that there is something for everyone. All you have to do is get up there and find it.

The point we want to get across here, and in other articles in VernonRocks, is that we are surrounded by great opportunities in the Okanagan. If you take a minute to look around, you will find something to do that matches your budget, time allowance and physical fitness level. Get up, get out there and give the Okanagan a whirl!



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